22 Cele mai bune discursuri TED care să te inspire [subtitrare în română]

22 Cele mai bune discursuri TED care să te inspire [subtitrare în română]
1) Malcolm Gladwell: „Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce”
2) Renny Gleeson: “404, The Story of a Page Not Found”

3) Sheena Iyengar: „How to Make Choosing Easier”

4) Joseph Pine: “What Consumers Really Want”

5) Seth Godin: „How to Get Your Ideas to Spread”

6) Andrew Stanton: „The Clues to a Great Story”

7) Kevin Allocca: „Why Videos Go Viral”

8) Sebastian Wernicke: „Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (about TEDTalks)”

9) Elizabeth Gilbert: „Your Elusive Creative Genius”

10) Tom Wujec: „Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How You Make Toast”

11) Steven Johnson: „Where Good Ideas Come From”

12) Linda Hill: „How to Manage for Collective Creativity”

13) J.K. Rowling: „The Fringe Benefits of Failure”

14) Sunni Brown: „Doodlers, Unite!”

15) Derek Sivers: „Weird, or Just Different?”

16) Brené Brown: „The Power of Vulnerability”

17) Amy Cuddy: „Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are”

18) Arianna Huffington: „How to Succeed? Get More Sleep”

19) Susan Cain: „The Power of Introverts”

20) Shawn Achor: „The Happy Secret to Better Work”

21) Julian Treasure: „5 Ways to Listen Better”

22) Simon Sinek: „Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe”


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